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Knee Walkers

As we get older, our joints seem to be the first to go. Have the confidence to stay mobile with knee walkers from Specialty Medical Supply. Knee walkers are perfect for individuals recovering from surgeries. Free shipping is available through all of our knee walkers.

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  1. Knee Walker - 780

    Knee Walker

    Drive MedicalModel No: 780
    Stock Status: In Stock

    The Drive Medical Knee Walker is ideal for individuals recovering from foot surgery, breaks, sprains, amputation and ulcers of the foot.

    • Handle height adjusts to fit the height of the user
    • Limited Lifetime Warranty

    Our Price: $189.95

    List Price: $269.90

    You Save 29%

    Free Shipping

  2. Medline Knee Walker - MDS81000

    Medline Knee Walker

    MedlineModel No: MDS81000
    Stock Status: In Stock
    The Medline knee walker is a lightweight , economical knee walker comes standard with a drink holder and single break mechanism.

    Our Price: $209.95

    List Price: $459.95

    You Save 54%

    Free Shipping

  3. Steerable Knee Walker 790 Drive Medical

    DV8 Steerable Knee Walker

    Drive MedicalModel No: 790
    Stock Status: In Stock
    Knee walker can be steered for increased maneuverability. Ideal for individuals recovering from foot surgery, breaks, sprains, amputation and ulcers of the foot.

    Our Price: $269.95

    List Price: $907.00

    You Save 70%

    Free Shipping

  4. Generation 2 Weil Knee Walker

    Generation 2 Weil Knee Walker

    MedlineModel No: MDS86000G2
    Stock Status: In Stock
    Generation 2 Weil Knee Walker Rich burgundy color with a 3-wheel design, unique scissor mechanism to set height and full-size basket.

    Our Price: $399.95

    List Price: $699.00

    You Save 42%

    Free Shipping

4 Item(s)

Knee Walkers - Are They For You?

Knee walkers are used as a form to keep weight off of your ankle or foot and helps with mobility assistance. Universal knee walkers can be used for people who have ankle braces or casts. They can be adjusted for the left knee or the right knee for optimum control. They can also be easily adjusted based on your height. The knee walker can be folded so that it is compact for storage or transport, and is equipped with a hand brake to lock the knee walker in place. They are available for up to 400 lbs capacity.

Knee walkers can greatly improve the quality of life for you or a loved one. How? Knee walkers give individuals comfort, stability and mobility with minimal effort. Knee walkers are an alternative to a walker or crutches that is pain-free. Most models have front wheels that turn, which make it easier to maneuver and steer the device. They free up your hands, and conserve energy. They prevent falling and tripping. They also elevate the leg so that there will be less swelling and pain, and improved circulation. It can be used as a foot stool or a bench while resting.

What are some other advantages to knee walkers? For individuals who don't have good balance, it ensures stability for them. It also strengthens muscles in the elevated leg, therefore preventing atrophy. Atrophy is the wasting away of bone mass and muscles. It does not need to be disassembled, but rather can simply be folded to store or transport it. In addition to these things, it actually improves balance. It exercises many muscles when used regularly, including muscles in the trunk, hip, and around the knee in both the unaffected leg as well as the affected leg.

Who will benefit from using knee walkers? Knee walkers can be used by a variety of people. You can benefit from using a knee walker if you have gout, bunions, or sprained ankles. It will also help you if you have wounds or ulcers in your lower extremities due to diabetes. If you have Achilles tendons that have ruptured, or a leg amputation, it may also be right for you. They will also benefit individuals who have non-union fractures or fractures in certain lower regions of the body. These places include the lower leg, the heel, the ankle, and the foot. Most people that are looking for a knee walker are recovering from foot surgery and just need it for a few months as the doctor has requested they stay off of it and keep it elevated as much as possible. 

Knee walkers to make you move freely

The knee walkers offer comfortable and secure alternative to the crutches and excellent turning controls. These products are mainly utilized with the people suffering from an injury or difficulty to lower extremity that requires the individual to remain off the leg or foot.

Some uses of these walkers include when a person faces:

  • Problem of injury when the person cannot use his or her legs to walk or move around
  • Injury on the ankle, lower leg or foot that requires the non weight bearing
  • Fracture of the lower leg, ankle or foot

These knee walkers provide independence and mobility to all those who cannot use their ankle or foot but wishes to do their work on their own. So if you face any foot or ankle injury or surgery, amputation or the diabetic foot wound, you can make use of the walker. There are some walkers with large wheels that allow the users to move with freedom in any environment with stability and much ease.

Unlike the traditional walkers, the knee walkers help the users to have free hands for doing their daily chores. In fact, these walkers are more maneuverable as compared to the wheelchairs and crutches.

There are many times when patients step on surgical feet while balancing on the crutches or walkers. The knee walkers, on the other hand, when operated with proper care, allow the users to do their daily activities like preparing food and personal care without putting any weight on their injured body parts.

The rolling knee walkers help to glide or roll. Thanks courtesy the wheels or coasters at the walker’s bottom. This is surely about convenience and easy movement. In fact, the knee walker serves to be the confidence booster for the user.

Moreover, the rolling knee walkers are also available with a seating option these days. These are just the same like the rolling walkers but the seating allows the person to settle down whenever he or she wishes to. Further, instead of using the uncomfortable padding under the armpit as in case of crutches, with the knee walkers, you have better way of getting around on your own. These walkers are easy to control and operate and can be utilized for a plethora of people having disabilities.

In other words, a knee walker is the split between a rolling walker and a manual wheelchair. The design of these walkers is simple as they have a frame with small wheels on it along with a padded seat to keep your injured knee. The other leg is used to push the walker and the handlebars work as a steering. This is somewhat like a bicycle and one of the main reasons due to which a large number of people opt for these walkers is that they offer complete balance to the users without the fear of falling or tripping.

So, if you or your loved ones face some injury on your ankle, knee or foot, it is better to use the knee walkers than the conventional, boring and uncomfortable crutches. 


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