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Mobility Scooters

The use of an electric scooter is a popular alternative to a power wheelchair. Mobility scooters come in portable travel versions, in three wheeled scooter and four wheel scooter configurations. Most scooters are rear wheel drive and will carry a maximum of 250-350 lbs. Rear wheel electric scooters typically are powered by 2-12 volt scooter batteries and are capable of traveling 15-20 miles on a single charge. The mobility scooters at Specialty Medical Supply are from the best manufacturers at a fraction of the price.

Today mobility scooters are being realized as attractive mobility items and not just a replacement for a power wheelchairs.


Mobility Scooters – Getting from Point A to Point B

Elderly people who need a great amount of assistance moving from one point to another often rely on mobility scooters to get them around. Most scooters have rear wheel drive with carrying capacities that range between 250-350 pounds. Batteries are required for the powering of a mobility scooter. These can last for up to 20 miles of transportation on a single charge. The maximum speed of these scooters tends to sit at about 7 miles per hour. There are a few different models that function excellently in slightly different situations.

Three and four-wheel scooters offer safe, reliable indoor and outdoor travel. Seats can generally be slid forward and backward and armrests can be raised or lowered to accommodate different sized travelers. Sleek designs and ease of control often make traveling in these mobility scooters desirable above motorized wheelchairs.

Travel scooters are designed to be a little more compact than regular models to make assembly and disassembly simple. Both three and four-wheel models exist within the travel mobility scooter category. Some scooters place an emphasis on having enough leg room for taller passengers while others emphasize the incredibly comfortable seat. Travel mobility scooters have the ability to make small radius turns, a necessity in many situations.

Heavy duty mobility scooters have a higher weight capacity so larger travelers can safely count on their ability to be transported by their mobility aid. Their batteries also tend to be more long-lasting, some models lasting 30 miles or longer before requiring a recharge. Their designs are still sleek like the regular models and they can accomplish tight turns, they can simply support more weight.

There are a few accessories you may want to purchase for your mobility scooter. First is a backup battery. This can be strapped to the scooter itself so if you find yourself out and about and your battery dies, you will not be at a loss. When you return home, simply remember to have the battery that ran out charged again so it can act as the new spare. Other accessories like baskets are very useful with mobility scooters. When your hands are occupied steering the device, you need a place to set your purse, parcels, or items you plan on buying at the store. Some people become attached to their mobility scooters like they do with their cars and decide to deck them out with bumper stickers. To each his own!

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