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PVC Medical Equipment

PVC Medical Equipment offers the latest innovations using lightweight non corrosive materials. PVC has advantages using stabilizers that inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi; offering ideal materials for non-magnetic (MRI) products.

Countless amounts of PVC medical equipment can be used in place of products constructed out of metal. Shower chairs, both standard and rolling models, can be built from PVC. Rolling shower chairs are also often used as transfer chairs and even pool chairs. The seats of these chairs are constructed from soft sling material. This material is quick drying so mold does not have a chance to begin forming. Plus, PVC cannot rust so wiping down of the chair is not even necessary. These aesthetic PVC medical products have no sharp edges and an anti-slip grip so patients can confidently shower on their own.


PVC Medical Products – Versatile in Form and Function

PVC medical equipment also comes in the form of walkers for both adults and children. For the elderly, a walker made from noncorrosive materials is an excellent choice. Children can learn to walk in these, and those with injuries can utilize these PVC medical products in a rehabilitation setting. Padded backrest and comfortable sling material are a must with these products.

Pediatric PVC medical equipment is commonly found in hospitals today. Products like bath and shower chairs for children and young adults are ideal when they are constructed out of water resistant material like PVC. These come in multiple sizes and heights so you can choose the perfect size for your situation.

General PVC medical products are used by hospital staff every day. One example is a PVC transfer bench. Different models are available with different weight capacities. This affects the size and price of the bench. Another example is a hospital hamper. The frame is constructed out of PVC, which makes it lightweight and easy to push from room to room. A final example of PVC medical equipment used around a healthcare facility is a hospital cart. The options in this category are quite versatile, including cleaning carts, shelves on wheels, or an effective way to transfer many medical records all at once.

With all PVC medical products sold by Special Medical Supply, any fabric pieces can be easily removed and washed. The PVC will never corrode or rust and the sturdy construction will allow it to last for a long time to come.

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