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Oxygen Conserving Devices

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  1. PulseDose Compact Oxygen Conserving Device - PD1000

    Devilbiss PD1000 Compact Conserving Device --- NOTE: Been replaced by OM-900

    Devilbiss HealthcareModel No: PD1000
    Stock Status: Out of Stock
    Built with impact-resistant materials which are used in the conserver's outer covering making it not only durable but attractive as well.
    Our Price: $199.75

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  2. EconO2mizer II Single-Lumen Conserver - HCS2CON1L

    EconO2mizer II Single-Lumen Conserver

    MedlineModel No: HCS2CON1L
    Stock Status: In Stock
    EconO2mizer II Single-Lumen Conserver is remarkably quiet with no hissing during pulse delivery. This device, with 3 continuous settings, has 6 conserving flow settings including a new setting of 2.5

    Our Price: $219.95

    List Price: $645.00

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  3. EasyPulse5 Oxygen Conserving Regulator - 198705

    Easy Pulse 5 Oxygen Regulator Conserving Device

    Precision MedicalModel No: 198705
    Stock Status: In Stock
    Easy Pulse 5 Oxygen Regulator Conserving Device - The only pneumatic conserving device that delivers a pulse comparable to an electronic conserver. Very compact and lightweight with an average conserving ratio of 5:1 makes it one of the most efficient oxygen conserving regulators.

    Our Price: $224.95

    List Price: $399.00

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  4. Evolution Electronic Oxygen Tank Conserver - OM-900

    Evolution Electronic Oxygen Tank Conserver

    Drive MedicalModel No: OM-900
    Stock Status: In Stock
    The Evolution OM-900 is an efficient electronic oxygen conserver perfectly suited for those patients whose inhalation cycle may not trigger normal pneumatic conservers.

    Our Price: $234.95

    List Price: $582.22

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  5. Easy Pulse 5 + 6 Oxygen Tank Conserving Device

    Easy Pulse 5 + 6 Oxygen Tank Conserving Device

    Precision MedicalModel No: 198712
    Stock Status: In Stock
    Easy Pulse 5 + 6 Oxygen Tank Conserving Device delivers a front loaded tapered wave form. All the oxygen is delivered in the first third of the inspiratory phase. With the added security of more continuous flow options, you have the most versatile oxygen conserving device available.

    Our Price: $239.95

    List Price: $481.00

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  6. EconO2mizer Dual-Lumen Conservers - HCSO2CONS

    Econ02mizer Dual Lumen Oxygen Conserving Device

    MedlineModel No: HCS02CONS
    Stock Status: In Stock
    EconO2mizer Dual-Lumen Conservers - 1/2 to 6 LPM Large Oxygen Tank Regulator

    Our Price: $244.95

    List Price: $350.00

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6 Item(s)


Oxygen Conserving Devices:

An Oxygen Conserving Device is an oxygen tank regulator that will only allow oxygen to be dispensed when a patient is breathing which will increase the life of your oxygen tank by 300%.  Some patients also refer to these conserving devices as oxygen conservers or oxygen conserving regulators. These types of conserver regulators are made to only give a dose of air to the patient when they are triggered by the patient’s breath.  Standard oxygen regulators dispense oxygen out of the tank continuously which will empty out an oxygen tank in 1-2 hours as an oxygen conserving regulator will make the same oxygen tank last 6-8 hours.

A pneumatic oxygen conserver does not use batteries but instead it has a small piston in the device that senses back pressure that is created when you exhale, when you inhale the back pressure is released allowing the piston to move and the oxygen stored in the oxygen conserver to be pumped to the user’s nose through a nasal cannula.

 An electronic oxygen conserver regulator is similar to a pneumatic conserver with the exception of the electronic mechanism inside regulates the burst of oxygen in a more precise metered dose and it runs off of batteries.

 The advantage of using a conserving device is threefold. The conserving device allows the patient to only use oxygen from the tank when they are breathing. It will extend the life of tank, in most cases sometimes 3-5 times the life of a tank versus using a standard regulator and they are virtually maintenance free. If you use a battery powered conserver, you should also have a scheduled time of the month your change the batteries.

 The disadvantage of using a conserver is that not all patients can use them. It is not safe to assume that if you are currently on oxygen and you have portable oxygen tanks that a oxygen conserving device is just going to extend the life of your oxygen tank. Before switching from a continuous flow regulator to a conserver you will need to have an oximetry done by a licensed respiratory therapist. Your liter flow can be set by them while monitoring your blood oxygen level. Some patients do not have strong enough inhale pressure to trigger the machine to give you a breath which is what they refer to as a pulse dose.

 One of the most reliable and affordable oxygen conserving devices on the market is made by Devilbiss and is called the Devilbiss PD1000 conserving device and is a battery operated conserver which is very sensitive to the patient’s breaths and also comes with a 3 year warranty.  The Devilbiss conserving device fits most all oxygen tanks including the M6, M9, C, D and E tanks and is very lightweight.

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