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Suction Machines & Accessories

Why should I buy my Suction Machine and Accessories from Specialty Medical Supply?

  • We have sold more suction machines than any other company because of our low pricing, largest selection and our expert advice.
  • Free Shipping on Every Suction Machine we sell and no sales tax except in Ohio.
  • Every Suction Machine we sell comes brand new with a warranty.
  • Every Suction Machine ships same day if ordered by 2PM EST.
  • Unlike our competitors we know what we are selling and want you to call us and ask us a question.

Suction Machines Info & Tips:

Specialty Medical Supply is the largest provider of aspirators and suction machines to the hospital, nursing home, and home care market in the United States. Specialty Medical Supply takes pride in its extensive knowledge of suction machines and aspirators and its ability to provide answers to our customers questions concerning which suction machine is right for their current situation or application.

Specialty Medical Supply also feels it carries the top medical suction machines in the healthcare industry from the top manufacturers. We are able to provide substantial cost savings compared to other companies based on the fact that we sell hundreds of suction machines to hospitals, nursing homes, schools, dentists, EMT's and several other healthcare establishments in such large volumes. We have put together an informative page to better answer some of your questions regarding aspirators and suction machines.

What is a Suction Machine?

A suction machine creates a partial vacuum in order to establish enough pressure to extract the unwanted fluids and is used for a variety of purposes including tracheal suctioning and clearing mucus from the mouth and throat. Secretions are displaced by suction catheters and yankauer tips through a tube and then collected in a suction canister. When using a suction device, you will place the suction catheter into a tracheostomy tube, endotracheal tube or directly in the oral cavity to remove the fluids.

Portable suction machines are small and compact for ease of transport.Some of the most important issues when choosing the right portable suction machine would be if you will need to use it while not having access to a power supply or wall outlet. The most important feature of a portable aspirator is the opportunity to use it while not in a car, house or building where there is a power supply. The portable aspirators have internal batteries that range from 45-70 minutes of use before needing to be recharged by a DC(car lighter adapter) or a wall outlet. They also come in very handy when there is a temporary power outage or loss of power to your residence. If you will always be using your suction machine in your home or facility and cost is an issue then you would be fine using a standard suction machine which is less costly because it does not come with the internal battery but offers the same amount of suction pressures as the portable suction machines. All portable suction machines come with the option for a rechargeable battery. If you chose not to opt for the rechargeable battery, the portable suction device will need to use the SC/DC power cords to operate. While there are many brands of portable suction machines, set up is essentially the same with most variances being suction canister capacity and vacuum strength.

Yankauer tips are a wand like tool used to such out a patient’s nasal and oral cavities without damaging the surrounding tissue. A suction catheter is used to reach areas a yankauer tip cannot. It consists of a long hose that goes down into the air passage to prevent a patient's airway of plugging up from secretions. We carry kits that contain sterile gloves.

Suction canisters are solid chambers that hold suctioned matter. Most of the 800cc canisters that we carry are universal. Power Vac Suction Machine by Precision Medical has a 2000cc canister making in the highest canister capacity we sell. Suction canisters can be colored or clear for easy visualization of the canisters contents. We carry 6 ft. replacement tubing for connecting suction catheters to the suction machine.

Basic Use of a Suction Machine:

  1. Place the suction machine on a stable surface that will support the machine’s weight.
  2. Plug in the AC/DC cord into a properly grounded, three prong, electrical outlet.
    1. If using a rechargeable battery, make sure the battery is fully charged and attached to the suction machine.
  3. Before treatment, wash your hands with soap and water and dry completely. To reduce the possibility of contamination, a cleaning is essential.
  4. Connect the tubing to the outlet port on the lid of the suction container.
  5. Attach the suction catheter to the other end of the connecting tubing.
  6. Turn the suction machine on and check for suction pressure.
  7. Insert the suction catheter into the mouth slowly and carefully. If patient starts to cough or gag wait until the patient recovers before continuing. Never suction longer than 15 seconds at a time as the suction machine also sucks oxygen.
  8.  When completely finished, suction water through the catheter until the catheter and tubing are clear. Be careful not to allow the suction canister to rise above the full limit.
  9. Turn machine off and wash your hands.

Warnings when Using a Suction Machine:

  1. DO NOT use while bathing.
  2. DO NOT place or store the Aspirator where it can fall or be pulled into a tub or sink.
  3. DO NOT place or drop into water or other liquid.
  4. DO NOT attempt to repair the Aspirator. Any attempt could result in electrical shock.
  5. DO NOT use near any type of flame or flammable/explosive substances.
  6. DO NOT allow Aspirator to exceed Operating or Storage Temperature specifications.
  7. DO NOT use if the Aspirator has a damaged cord or plug.
  8. DO NOT use if the Aspirator has been dropped or damaged.
  9. Connect this Aspirator to a properly grounded outlet only.
  10. Keep the cord away from heated surfaces.
  11. Use ONLY the Battery Charger / Power Supply from the manufacturer of the machine you have.
  12. Make sure the Aspirator is in the upright position on a level surface when in use

Most Frequently Asked Questions About Suction Machines:

  1. Are your suction machines brand new? Yes every suction machine and aspirator we sell is brand new and comes with a warranty.
  2. Do you bill insurance or medicare? Unfortunately we do not bill insurance or medicare for suction machines. What you usually find out is after your deductible and co pay you will pay more then what you would spend if you buy a new one from us.
  3. How soon will I get my suction machine if I buy it from you? All suction machines ship same day by 2PM EST. It typically takes between 1-4 days to receive your suction machine depending on your location to our closest warehouse.
  4. Do you charge shipping and handling fees if I order a suction machine? We offer free shipping on all orders over $75 so all of our suction machines ship for free.
  5. Can I return a suction machine? Suction machines are returnable if they have not been used at all and are brand new in the original box. We pride ourselves on only selling brand new equipment so if the machine looks like it has been reboxed or even turned on it cannot be returned for sanitary and FDA reasons. 

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