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Rollators are essential for people of all ages who need mobility assistance to help with activities that might be too much of a challenge without a rollator. Today, rollators have become a popular option for an aging population. To a generation that is more reliant on themselves than other family members, using mobility aids like rollators can extend independence and the ability to move around indoors and outside. Include the fact that the rollators at Specialty Medical Supply are the best prices available online and shipping is free for all rollators over $75 and there's no reason not to shop and purchase your rollator today!

Walkers and Accessories

Choosing a Rollator

Rollators are essential for people of all ages who need mobility assistance in health care facilities or any other activity that might be too much of a challenge otherwise. Today an aging population reliant more on themselves than other family members, using mobility aids can extend independence and our ability to move around indoors and outside.

All of our rollators come from the most trusted brands in the healthcare industry. We only offer models that maintain the highest standards of quality, strength, durability and proper ergonomic support (FREE Shipping). Our volume means we can offer our products at the lowest price found anywhere passing on savings you just can't find anywhere else. We ship the same day you order ensuring you get your home medical supplies quickly and easily. You will find rollators with larger wheels easier to push over uneven terrain with pneumatic wheels offering a softer ride than solid tires. Inflatable wheels can offer a softer ride absorbing some of the hardness of surfaces that might bother a user with painful arms, hands or joint issues. Solid tires offer the advantage of never having to be inflated or losing air.

Rollator Advantages: include faster mobility and easier maneuverability with the ability to take rest stops sitting on the seat built into each rollator. Brakes offer added security ensuring the user is always in control.

All of our medical folding medical walkers are for use by the disabled, handicapped, elderly, or any mobility impaired person; suited to hospitals, nursing environments, assisted living facilities, or in the home.

At Specialty Medical Supply we offer the largest selection of rollators anywhere in the United States. You can rely on Specialty Medical Supply to provide you with the best products in the market delivered most often for FREE. We also have dozens of other product lines with hundreds of products from which to choose. Whatever your medical needs are, whether you are a patient or a doctor, there is a good chance that we have the equipment and supplies that can fulfill those needs. If you are a hospital or care institution we offer bulk products at prices you will not find anywhere else.

Buying a Rollator or Rolling Walker Guide:

What is a Rollator? What You Need to Know About Selecting the right Rolling Walker or Rollator

There are many types of Rollators and Rolling Walkers available and knowing how to select the type and size is important before you make your final buying decision. Our Rollator Buying Guide will help you understand the differences between the different types of Rollators and Rolling Walkers as well as how to measure a Rollator to make sure it is appropriate to the end users height and weight.

Rollator Categories

There are 3 categories of Rollators: 3 wheel rollators, 4 wheel rollators and bariatric or known as heavy duty rollators. By reading the rolling walker guide below you will learn about the different types and their recommended uses.


Also known as Rolling Walkers, Rollators were developed as an alternative to the Standard Walker. Available with 3 or 4 wheels, Rollators do not involve the lift and drop that a standard step walker requires. This rolling function provides a smoother and more natural walking experience. The reason people choose the 4 wheel rolling walker over the 3 wheel is the seat and the wider base for extra stability. The reason to move up to a heavy duty rollator model from a standard size is the need to be able to hold the heavier size patient and the wider seat widths.  Unlike a Standard Walker, most Rollators have hand brakes or loop brakes which can be easily set by the operator. Most Rollators offer a fold down seat for added support and comfort. Rollators can be folded in half by simply picking up on a rod underneath the seat, and lifting up which provides for easy transport and storage.

How to Choose a Rolling Walker or Rollator

There are several questions you want to consider when shopping for a Rolling Walker or Rollator. Most frequently considered features include:

Weight Capacity:All Rollators and Rolling Walkers have a recommended weight capacity. Most Rolling Walkers, and Rollators have a weight capacity ranging from 250-300 lbs while Heavy Duty or Bariatric rollators have a higher weight capacity of 400 lbs. or more.

User Height: It is always important to consider the recommended user height when choosing a Rollator. Most designs are designed to be adjustable giving you the ability to adjust the height of the handles for an ergonomically correct fit. If you are a person of small stature, consider a rolling walker such as the freedom rollator or any of the junior rollator styles which is designed specifically for smaller users.

User Height

Walker Handle Height

4'7"- 5'3"

25"- 34"

5'3"- 6'2"

31"- 37"

5'6"- 6'6"

33"- 39"

5'3"- 6'10"

33"- 42"



Product Weight: The weight of a rollator can vary significantly depending upon the material it is constructed of- aluminum or steel. Lightweight aluminum rollators and rolling walkers range from 11-15 lbs whereas steel and heavy duty rollators range from 18-26 lbs.

Wheel Size: Most rollators have a wheel size ranging from 6"- 8". Depending upon the intended use of the rollator, standard 6" wheels allow for easy maneuvering over most surfaces. Larger wheels allow for easier rolling over more rugged surfaces or heavy use outdoors. All regular walkers have options for either 3 inch or 5 inch fixed wheels for the front two legs or swivel wheels for the front legs.

Folding: Do you need your rollator to fold for transport? All walkers and rollators we sell fold to allow for easy storage and transport. 3 wheel rollators will fold into a smaller and lighter area then a 4 wheel o heavy duty rollator or rolling walker will.

Compare a full line of Rolling Walkers & Rollators including 3 Wheel Rollators, 4 Wheel Rollators, and Heavy Duty Rollators. Remember to review the features and specifications carefully to make sure you are choosing the product that is best for you.

This information is intended as a helpful guide when choosing a rollator or rolling walker.

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