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Transport & Travel Wheelchairs

Buying a Transport Chair Made Easy

  • FREE SHIPPING on EVERY Transport Chair we Sell
  • Every Transport Chair we sell ships brand new with a warranty
  • Every Transport Chair we ship comes assembled and just needs a warm bottom to sit in
  • Every Transport Chair we sell folds for easy lifting and travel.
  • Most Transport Chairs ship same day with no sales tax except Ohio.


The 4 Different Types of Transport Chairs

Standard Transport Chairs:

The standard transport wheel chairs are designed for patients that cannot self-propel themselves and need a compact design for storage. Theses style transport chairs are designed to suite the average person and have many optional features to make it more comfortable for the patient and care giver. Standard transport chairs are usually lighter than their heavy duty counter parts but slightly heavier than the light weight transport chairs that are made mostly of aluminum. The weight capacity, on average, is 250lbs up to 300lbs on some models. The rear wheels are typically 6 or 8 inches in diameter for various types of travel and some outdoor use. The 6 inch wheels are a good choice for use on smooth pavement and indoors. For rolling over unleveled terrain, such as outdoors, look for 8 inch wheels to better handle the bumps. The ride of the transport chair will be much smoother with a larger wheel. Almost all transport chairs come with a fold down back design that will allow the chair to fit into smaller areas such as trunks and backseats of cars where a typical wheelchair will not fit. .

Lightweight Transport Chairs:

The light weight transport wheel chairs are exactly what they seem, light in weight. They are designed for patients that cannot self-propel themselves and need a compact, lightweight design for ease of traveling with the chair. Instead of steel frames, lightweight transport chairs are made of lighter metals such as aluminum to make the chair weigh less. These transport chairs are often upholstered in light weight nylon, and have many of the same optional features as a standard transport chair. The weight capacity, on average, is still 250lbs up to 300lbs on some models even with the chair weighing a mere 15lbs - 21lbs! Removable leg rests are available on most models which, when removed, make the chair even lighter. The most sought after feature on the lighter weight transport chairs is the ease of lifting the chair in and out of a trunk of a car for the caregiver or patient. Most Lightweight Travel chairs have a fold down back for a smaller footprint to fit in most compact cars and smaller trunks.

Heavy Duty or Bariatric Transport Chair:

The heavy duty transport chair can accommodate users that standard chairs cannot. They are designed for patients that cannot self-propel themselves and need a higher weight capacity than a standard chair provides. These heavy duty transport chairs are constructed with essential re-enforcements in effectual areas and larger seat sizes to accommodate a larger individual. The bariatric transport chairs have a weight capacity, on average, of 400lbs to 450lbs. Heavy duty transport chairs feature a foldable back to make storage and transport more manageable. The rear wheels are typically close to 12-inches in diameter to help support a slightly heavier frame. The one thing to take into consideration is the weight of the heavy duty transport chair models is usually 33-48lbs which is about double of the smaller lightweight models but is essential to hold the weight of the bigger individual sitting in it. The bariatric travel and transport chairs are also ideal for outpatient clinics, hospitals and doctors’ offices for getting heavier patients in and out of the facility and to their vehicles for a better patient experience.

Rollator Transport Chair Combo

These innovative chairs combine the use and appearance of a rollator with that of a transport chair. The rollator transport chair combos are designed for patients that enjoy the freedom of a rollator but may need to rest frequently between strolls and have the option for a caregiver or family member to be able to push you while you are sitting in the chair. These transport chairs help patients maintain a healthy, active life style without removing the need for mobility assistance. The weight capacity is 250lbs to 300lbs as with the standard and light weight transport chairs but rollator/transport chair combinations have a more compact design and allow patients to ambulate by themselves conveniently. The big appeal of these models is that with a typical rollator or rolling walker is that when a person gets tired or wants to sit down that person can only sit down and not be able to have someone push them while sitting. With these duet models the person can now sit and have someone push them while sitting once they convert the rollator to the transport version which makes for a perfect situation for those that want some independence but also need help sometimes when they get fatigued and can no longer walk long distances.

Most Frequently Asked Questions About Transport Wheelchairs:

  1. Do the Transport Wheelchairs you sell fold? Yes every Transport and Travel wheelchair specialty medical supply sells on its website will fold for easier storage or transport.
  2. Do the Transport Wheelchairs you sell come with a warranty? Yes every specific transport wheelchair product page will show the warranty of the travel wheelchair and if not or you still have a question about the warranty please call us and we will explain it fully.
  3. Do all transport wheelchairs ship for free? Yes every transport wheelchair we sell will have free ground shipping and come brand new with no assembly.
  4. Do you charge sales tax on your travel wheelchairs? No, the only time sales tax is charged is if you are in the state of Ohio
  5. Do you rent, bill insurance or medicare if I buy a transport wheelchair from you? Unfortunately specialty medical does not rent or bill medicare or insurance if you purchase a transport chair from us.
  6. How long does it take to receive my transport chair? Most of the travel wheelchairs we sell ship within 24 hours from several different locations across the country so a typical delivery is 1-3 days from when you place a order. If you need it quicker or want to confirm exactly when you will receive your travel chair please call our customer service representatives to answer your questions.

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