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Efficiency Kits

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  1. Water Pitcher Set with Foam Jacket

    Water Pitcher Set with Foam Jacket

    MedlineModel No: DYKD100CM
    Stock Status: Quantity Limited

    Water Pitcher Set with Foam Inner Liner Includes outer foam jacket, pitcher with handle & lid.

    • 32 ounces
    • Components are shrink-wrapped together

    Starting at: $2.98

  2. Denture Kits

    Denture Kits

    MedlineModel No: DYKD100
    Stock Status: Quantity Limited
    Denture Kit includes
    • Container with lid
    • Efferdent denture tablets
    • Two-sided toothbrush

    Starting at: $2.98

  3. Expectant Father Kit - Large

    Expectant Father Kit - Large

    MedlineModel No: DYKD100EF
    Stock Status: Quantity Limited

    Expectant Father Kit provides everything "coach" needs: a blue SMS scrub shirt and pant, Sheer Fit bouffant cap, a pair of shoe covers and a face mask with ties.

    • Size - Large
    • Kit comes shrink-wrapped together

    Starting at: $162.62

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3 Item(s)

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