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  1. Telemetry Pouch

    Telemetry Pouch

    MedlineModel No: NON249005
    Stock Status: Quantity Limited

    Telemetry Pouch allows placement of monitoring units./p>

    • Spun bound material
    • One Size

    Starting at: $1.99

    You Save 37%

    Hearing Aid Blower

    ISG Invacare Supply GroupModel No: HEI400674
    Stock Status: In Stock
    HEARING AID BLOWER -SP helps keep earmolds and tubing clear from moisture, dirt and debris for clear, unobstructed sound.

    Our Price: $2.52

    List Price: $3.78

    You Save 33%
  3. EZ Opener For Caps, Tabs and Tops

    EZ Opener For Caps, Tabs and Tops

    Apex MedicalModel No: APXEN11CRD
    Stock Status: In Stock
    EZ Opener For Caps, Tabs and Tops easily opens bottle caps, pull tabs, and even those impossible box tops! It is also constructed to provide safety for the user.

    Our Price: $4.60

    List Price: $7.04

    You Save 34%
  4. Disposable Pillows

    Disposable Pillows

    MedlineModel No: NON24390
    Stock Status: Quantity Limited

    Disposable Pillows reduce the risk of cross contamination.

    • Made of flame- retardant, garneted polyester
    • Available in four sizes and various weights

    Starting at: $32.95

    You Save 39%
  5. Patient Set-Up Bags

    Patient Set-Up Bags

    MedlineModel No: NON026370
    Stock Status: In Stock

    Patient Set-Up Bags are designed to aid in respirator delivery to patient's room.

    • 16" x 12" bag
    • 4" draw string

    Our Price: $71.49

    List Price: $166.51

    You Save 57%
  6. Heavy-Duty Plastic Clothes Hangers

    Heavy-Duty Plastic Clothes Hangers

    MedlineModel No: EVS17144
    Stock Status: In Stock

    These rugged tubular hangers are perfect for coats and other heavy items. The multi-ridged bar holds pants neatly and securely.

    • Case of 144
    • For larger garments

    Our Price: $109.95

    List Price: $182.77

    You Save 39%

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6 Item(s)

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