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Skin Protectants & Barriers

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  1. Skin, Gel, Protective, Dressing, Wipes, Medline, HOL7917, 7917

    Skin Gel Protective Dressing Wipes

    MedlineModel No: 1917
    Stock Status: Quantity Limited

    Skin gel helps prevent skin stripping resulting from frequent removal of tapes or skin barriers.

    • Recommended for Post-Operative and Home use
    • Bathing and swimming allowable

    Starting at: $0.99

  2. PeriClean Antimicrobial Perineal Cleanser - ADM510

    PeriClean Antimicrobial Perineal Cleanser

    Ameriderm LaboratoriesModel No: 510-ADM
    Stock Status: Quantity Limited

    PeriClean Antimicrobial Perineal Cleanser is gentle and moisturizing, perineal cleanser makes incontinence cleansing easier on the caregiver and on the patient’s skin.

    • Dermatologist Tested
    • Aloe Vera Enriched

    Starting at: $1.90

  3. 3M, Cavilon, No-sting, Barrier, Film, MMM3343, 3343

    3M Cavilon No-sting Barrier Film Swabs

    3MModel No: 3343
    Stock Status: Quantity Limited

    3M Cavilon No-sting Barrier Film Swabs are completely alcohol-free so they will not sting even when applied to damaged or denuded skin.

    • Provides protection from adhesive trauma
    • Non-Cytotoxic

    Starting at: $1.99

  4. 3M, Cavilon, No-sting, Barrier, Film, Wipes, MMM3344, 3344, MMM3346A, 3346A

    3M Cavilon No-Sting Barrier Film

    3MModel No: 3344
    Stock Status: Quantity Limited

    3M Cavilon No-Sting Barrier Film forms a fast-drying, non-sticky, alcohol-free liquid barrier that is breathable and transparent.

    • Different Styles available
    • Fast drying

    Starting at: $1.99

  5. PeriShield  Barrier Ointment and Protectant

    PeriShield Barrier Ointment and Protectant

    Ameriderm LaboratoriesModel No: 500-ADM
    Stock Status: Quantity Limited

    Contains Zinc Oxide and Chloroxylenol additives to help prevent and treat diaper rash due to incontinence.

    • Dermatologist Tested
    • Vitamin Enriched

    Starting at: $3.30

  6. Ointment with Vitamins A & D

    Ointment with Vitamins A & D

    Ameriderm LaboratoriesModel No: 160-ADM
    Stock Status: Quantity Limited

    Besides emollient and moisturizing characteristics, Lanolin's protective functions include antimicrobial and disinfectant activity on the skin.

    • Helps heal dry, chafed skin and minor cuts
    • Vitamin D Protects and helps soothe skin irritations

    Starting at: $4.23

  7. CURAD, Zinc, Oxide, Anorectal, Cream, Medline, CUR006202, CUR006202H

    CURAD Zinc Oxide Anorectal Cream

    MedlineModel No: CUR006202
    Stock Status: Quantity Limited

    CURAD Zinc Oxide Anorectal Cream is used for the temporary relief of local itching and discomfort in the perineal area associated with anorectal disorders.

    • Protects against drying of tissues
    • Temporarily releives burning

    Starting at: $4.25

  8. Chamosyn, Ointment, Link, Medical, Product, LINSC0120A, SC0120A, LINSC0005A, SC0005A

    Chamosyn Ointment

    Links Medical ProductModel No: SC0120A
    Stock Status: Quantity Limited

    Enhanced with Aloe, Chamomile, and Manuka honey, Chamosyn Ointment is specially formulated to protect, treat, moisturize and sooth skin irritation.

    • Moisturizes and soothes skin
    • Enhanced with zinc oxide and menthol

    Starting at: $9.99

  9. Coloplast Prep - 20411400, COL2041, 2041,

    Coloplast Prep

    ColoplastModel No: COL0925
    Stock Status: Quantity Limited

    Coloplast Prep Protective Skin Barrier provides you with the choice of application types to best suit your personal needs.

    • Will not crack or peel
    • Alcohol, latex and sting free!

    Starting at: $4.95

  10. CURAD A&D Ointment

    CURAD A&D Ointment

    MedlineModel No: CUR003501
    Stock Status: Quantity Limited

    CURAD A&D ointment is a petrolatum and lanolin-based ointment that has vitamin A & D in it to help soothe, protect and moisturize the skin.

    • VitaminA and D
    • Soothes, protects and moisturizes skin

    Starting at: $5.50

  11. Vitamin A & D Ointment

    Vitamin A & D Ointment

    MedlineModel No: MSC095094
    Stock Status: Quantity Limited

    Soothing ointment has a petroleum base that helps protect against wetness with vitamins A and D to help relieve rashes.

    • Protects against wetness
    • Vitamins A and D to relieve rashes

    Starting at: $5.75

  12. Soothe & Cool Moisture Barrier Ointment

    Soothe & Cool Moisture Barrier Ointment

    MedlineModel No: MSC095380
    Stock Status: Quantity Limited

    Prevents moisture, urine and fecal matter from contacting skin making it Perfect for cases of incontinence, post-op or wound drainage.

    • Nourishes skin with vitamins A, D, and E along with Aloe
    • Perfect for incontinence, post-op or wound drainage

    Starting at: $5.75

  13. Ca-Rezz Moisture Barrier

    Ca-Rezz Moisture Barrier

    FNC Medical CorpModel No: 21204
    Stock Status: Quantity Limited

    A rich, occlusive barrier that protects the skin from exposure to wetness, urine acids and fecal enzymes.

    • Easy-to-remove
    • Aloe Vera, Calamine, Allantoin, and Vitamin A, D & E

    Starting at: $6.75

  14. Baza Clear Ointment

    Baza Clear Ointment

    ColoplastModel No: 1006
    Stock Status: Quantity Limited

    Baza Clear Moisture Barrier Ointment protects and soothes skin irritation due to moisture and wetness.

    • Contains vitamins A and D
    • CHG compatible

    Starting at: $6.77

  15. Remedy Phytoplex Z-Guard Skin Protectant Paste

    Remedy Phytoplex Z-Guard Skin Protectant Paste

    MedlineModel No: MSC092542
    Stock Status: Quantity Limited

    Indicated for the relief of discomfort associated with diaper rash caused by wetness, urine and/or stool and other macerated skin conditions.

    • Ideal for neonates, geriatrics, oncology patiens and anyone with macerated skin
    • Helps to releive chapped and cracked skin

    Starting at: $7.25

  16. Remedy Phytoplex Hydragaurd

    Remedy Phytoplex Hydragaurd

    MedlineModel No: MSC092532
    Stock Status: Quantity Limited

    Silicone-rich formulation creates a breathable, water-resistant film over skin as it moisturizes and nourishes with a 24% silicone blend that helps resist moisture loss.

    • Gentle enough for the most fragile skin
    • Suitable for neonates, diabetics, geriatrics

    Starting at: $7.50

  17. Dynarex Skincote Protective Skin Prep

    Dynarex Skincote Protective Skin Prep

    DynarexModel No: 1506
    Stock Status: Quantity Limited

    Skincote Protective Skin Prep provides skin protection from irritations caused by adhesives.

    • Provides protective coating on skin
    • Treated area can be covered once applied

    Starting at: $7.50

  18. Aloe Vesta Protective Ointment

    Aloe Vesta Protective Ointment

    ConvaTecModel No: 324908
    Stock Status: Quantity Limited

    Provides protection as a moisture barrier for routine incontinence care.

    Aloe Vesta Protective Ointment
    • Conditions Skin
    • Protects Skin

    Starting at: $7.50

  19. Secura, Protective, Ointment, Smith, &, Nephew, Inc, UNS59431500, 59431500, UNS59431600, 59431600

    Secura Protective Ointment

    Smith & NephewModel No: 59431500
    Stock Status: Quantity Limited

    Protective skin barrier ointment contains 98% Petrolatum to help treat and prevent dermatitis and rash due to incontinence.

    Secura Protective Ointment
    • Barrier Ointment Protects Skin from moisture and Enzymes
    • 98% Petrolatum Active Ingredient

    Starting at: $7.50

  20. Medseptic Skin Protectant Cream

    Medseptic Skin Protectant Cream

    MedlineModel No: MSC095650
    Stock Status: Quantity Limited

    Superior moisturizer and protectant made with natural lanolin, which has been recommended by the Foot and Ankle Institute for diabetic patients to help hold moisture in their skin, especially on the feet, ankles, elbows and hands.

    • Contains 50% Lanolin
    • Superior moisturizer and protectant

    Starting at: $7.75

  21. Carrington Moisture Barrier Cream

    Carrington Moisture Barrier Cream

    MedlineModel No: CRR104040
    Stock Status: Quantity Limited

    Water repellent moisturizer with petrolatum perfect for conditions associated with incontinence.

    • Acemannan Hydrolgel
    • Latex-Free

    Starting at: $8.75

  22. Calmoseptine Ointment - 0799-0001-04, 000104, CMS000104, 07981400,

    Calmoseptine Ointment

    CalmoseptimeModel No: 000104
    Stock Status: Quantity Limited

    Calmoseptine Ointment provides a physical moisture barrier to protect and help heal skin irritations from incontinence of urine or feces.

    • Composed of calamine, zinc oxide, menthol and lanolin.
    • Antiseptic

    Starting at: $8.80

  23. Remedy Olivamine Nutrashield Skin Protectant

    Remedy Olivamine Nutrashield Skin Protectant

    MedlineModel No: MSC094532
    Stock Status: Quantity Limited

    Remedy Olivamine Nutrashield Skin Protectant provides an effective, long-lasting moisture barrier against incontinent episodes while relieving dryness, abrasion or denuded skin.

    • Non-allergenci and non-sensitizing
    • Wont degrade latex gloves
    • Protects skin with an advanced silicone system

    Starting at: $8.95

  24. Soothe & Cool Skin Paste

    Soothe & Cool Skin Paste

    MedlineModel No: MSC095450
    Stock Status: Quantity Limited

    Protects against moisture, urine and fecal matter, Zinc oxide and petrolatum create a thick protective formula that protects and absorbs excess exudates.

    • Protects against moisture, urine, and fecal matter
    • Enriched with Allantoin and vitamins A, D and E

    Starting at: $9.25

  25. Remedy Olivamine Clear-Aid Skin Protectant

    Remedy Olivamine Clear-Aid Skin Protectant

    MedlineModel No: MSC094502
    Stock Status: Quantity Limited

    For use in perineal area and lower extremities to protect against minor skin irritation and dryness.

    • Non-allergenic and Non-sensitizing
    • Latex-Free

    Starting at: $9.95

  26. Remedy, Olivamine, Dimethicone, Skin, Protectant, Medline, MSC094514, MSC094514H, MSC094851UNSC, MSC094851UNSH

    Remedy Olivamine Dimethicone Skin Protectant

    MedlineModel No: MSC094514
    Stock Status: Quantity Limited

    Remedy Olivamine Dimethicone Barrier Cream provides a breathable barrier that protects against moisture.

    • Protects chapped, cracked skin and releives itching.
    • Designed to be used as a long-lasting moisturizer.

    Starting at: $9.95

  27. PREPPIES, Skin, Barrier, Wipes, Covidien, KND6560, 6560

    PREPPIES Skin Barrier Wipes

    MedlineModel No: 6560
    Stock Status: Quantity Limited

    Forms protective barrier between skin and adhesive products, Helps protect skin from feces, urine, chemical irritants and gastrointestinal fluids.

    • Large, 2-Ply
    • Non-sterile

    Starting at: $9.99

  28. Excoriated Skin, Inflamed Skin,  Caustic Diarrhea, Enzymatic Drainage, 1944, 19441400, COL1944, 1947, 19471400, COL1947, Denuded Skin,

    Critic-Aid Skin Paste

    ColoplastModel No: COL1944
    Stock Status: Quantity Limited

    Provides everyday wetness protection and aids in the prevention and treatment of diaper dermatitis.

    • Thick, rich paste is easy to apply.
    • Adheres to intact and denuded skin

    Starting at: $10.33

  29. Soothe & Cool INZO Barrier Cream

    Soothe & Cool INZO Barrier Cream

    MedlineModel No: MSC095420
    Stock Status: Quantity Limited

    Ideal under tape, INZO leaves a non-greasy, invisible moisture barrier. Non-petrolatum formula won't obstruct brief pores with Vitamins A, D and E to nourish the skin.

    • Ideal under tape
    • Non-greasy

    Starting at: $11.50

  30. Coloplast Baza Protect Cream

    Coloplast Baza Protect Cream

    ColoplastModel No: 1880
    Stock Status: Quantity Limited

    Coloplast Baza Protect Cream repels urine and feces from the skin, preventing harmful acids from damaging the skin cells.

    • Contains natural vitamins A, D and E
    • Diaper Rash relief

    Starting at: $12.49

  31. Skin-Prep, Protective, Dressing, Smith, &, Nephew, Inc, UNS420200, 420200

    Skin-Prep Protective Dressing

    Smith & NephewModel No: 420200
    Stock Status: Quantity Limited

    Prepares skin for both application and removal of appliances, tapes, and dressings when sprayed onto the skin before adherence. Helps to increase adhesion, making products more effective and increasing user confidence.

    • Increases Adhesions upon Application
    • Reduces skin trauma upon removal

    Starting at: $12.50

  32. Brava Skin Barrier

    Brava Skin Barrier

    ColoplastModel No: 1202
    Stock Status: Quantity Limited

    Brava Skin Barrier Spray delivers a soft, gentle spray, and the can is able to be completely emptied.

    • Spray can be used for crusting technique
    • Wipe is practical when travelling

    Starting at: $12.98

  33. Sensi-Care, Protective, Barrier, Convatec, SQB325614, 325614

    Sensi-Care Protective Barrier

    ConvaTecModel No: 325614
    Stock Status: Quantity Limited

    Provides effective multipurpose skin protection against feces and urine that also soothes and conditions irritated skin.

    Sensi-Care Protective Barrier
    • Skin protection from heavy incontinence
    • Soothes & Conditions irritated skin

    Starting at: $15.50

  34. Remedy Olivamine Calazime Skin Protectant Paste

    Remedy Olivamine Calazime Skin Protectant Paste

    MedlineModel No: MSC094544
    Stock Status: Quantity Limited

    Remedy Olivamine Calazime Skin Protectant Paste nourishes skin, helps treat and prevent diaper rash, wet and cracked skin.

    • Soothes & cools
    • Nonallergenic and non-sensitizing

    Starting at: $15.75

  35. Skin-Tac, Liquid, Adhesive, Barrier, Wipes, Torbot, Group, Inc, TORMS407W, MS407W

    Skin-Tac Liquid Adhesive Barrier Wipes

    Torbot Group Inc.Model No: MS407W
    Stock Status: In Stock

    Skin-Tac adhesive in a convenient, travel-friendly wipe. Latex-free, hypoallergenic, clear, non-rubber liquid adhesive is ideal for use on sensitive skin.

    Skin-Tac Liquid Adhesive Barrier Wipes
    • Individually Wrapped
    • Barrier Adhesive

    Our Price: $15.75

    List Price: $39.95

    You Save 60%
  36. Proshield, Plus, Skin, Protectant, Healthpoint, HPT030004, 030004

    Proshield Plus Skin Protectant

    Healthpoint MedicalModel No: 030004
    Stock Status: Quantity Limited

    Adheres to wet skin as well as zinc oxide, yet removes as easily as petrolatum.

    • Fragrance-free formula
    • Creates a moisture barrier

    Starting at: $15.99

  37. Lantiseptic, Skin, Protectant, Original, Ointment, LAN0311, 0311

    Lantiseptic Skin Protectant Original Ointment

    ISG Invacare Supply GroupModel No: 0311
    Stock Status: Quantity Limited

    Lantiseptic Skin Protectant Original Ointment is formulated to encourage the proper moisture balance of the skin, supporting the body's natural healing processes.

    • Protects Ulcer-Prone Skin
    • Helps treat burns and minor abrasions

    Starting at: $15.99

  38. Critic-Aid Clear

    Critic-Aid Clear

    ColoplastModel No: COL756
    Stock Status: Quantity Limited

    Helps treat and prevent minor skin irritations due to diaper rash.

    • Seals out wetness
    • Clear moisture barrier

    Starting at: $17.68

  39. Zinc Oxide Ointment

    Zinc Oxide Ointment

    MedlineModel No: DAY006216
    Stock Status: Quantity Limited

    Zinc oxide ointment is effective against diaper rash and minor skin irritations and abrasions.

    • Latex-Free
    • Effective against diaper rash, minor skin irritations and abrasions

    Starting at: $18.95

  40. Petroleum Jelly - 4oz

    Petroleum Jelly - 4oz

    MedlineModel No: MSC095034
    Stock Status: In Stock

    Petroleum Jelly temporarily protects minor cuts scrapes and burns.

    • Latex Free
    • Unscented Petroleum Jelly

    Our Price: $42.95

    List Price: $88.95

    You Save 51%
  41. Dynarex A&D Protective Ointment

    Dynarex A&D Protective Ointment

    DynarexModel No: 1155
    Stock Status: Quantity Limited

    Dynarex A&D Protective Ointment helps prevent diaper rash by creating a protective barrier on the skin.

    • Excellent moisture barrier
    • Vitamins A and D to relieve rashes

    Starting at: $114.75

41 Item(s)

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