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Cohesive Wraps

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  1. Caring, Non-Sterile, Latex, Self-Adherent, Wrap, Medline, PRM086001, PRM086001CP, PRM086002, PRM086003, PRM086004, PRM086004H, PRM086006

    Caring Latex Self-Adherent Wrap

    MedlineModel No: PRM086001
    Stock Status: Quantity Limited

    Caring Latex Self-Adherent Wrap is a self-adherent, cohesive wrap sticks to itself but not to skin, hair or dressings.

    • Latex Free: No
    • Sterile: No

    Starting at: $14.25

  2. Caring, Non-Sterile, Latex-Free, Self-Adherent, Wrap, Medline, PRM088001, PRM088001CP, PRM088002, PRM088002CP,PRM088003, PRM088003CP, PRM088004,PRM088004CP, PRM088006, PRM088006CP

    Caring Latex-Free Self-Adherent Wrap

    MedlineModel No: PRM088001
    Stock Status: Quantity Limited

    Caring Non-Sterile Latex-Free Self-Adherent Wrap is a secondary dressing that functions like a tape to retain dressings without tension around digits or limbs.

    • Available in many sizes and quantities
    • Sterile: No

    Starting at: $16.45

  3. Sterile, Latex, Co-Flex, Bandages, Medline, DYNJ086002, DYNJ086002H, DYNJ086003, DYNJ086003H, DYNJ086004, DYNJ086004H, DYNJ086006, DYNJ086006H

    Sterile Co-Flex Bandages

    MedlineModel No: DYNJ086002
    Stock Status: Quantity Limited

    This self-adherent, hand tear wrap, which contains latex, acts as a secondary dressing without the need for clips or tape. Each beige bandage is individually wrapped.

    Sterile Latex Co-Flex Bandages
    • Latex Free: No
    • Sterile: Yes

    Starting at: $19.95

  4. Sterile, Latex-Free, Co-Flex, LF2, Bandages, Medline, DYNJ089002, DYNJ089003, DYNJ089003H, DYNJ089004, DYNJ089004H, DYNJ089006, DYNJ089006H, MDS088006S

    Sterile Co-Flex LF2 Bandages

    MedlineModel No: DYNJ089002
    Stock Status: Quantity Limited

    Sterile Latex-Free Co-Flex LF2 Bandages are unique quick stick sel-adhering bandages with a soft foam texture. Made latex-free and yet perform better than latex.

    • Latex Free Foam
    • Sterile: Yes

    Starting at: $22.75

  5. Non-Sterile, Latex, Co-Flex, Bandages, Medline, MDS084004, MDS086001, MDS086001B, MDS086002, MDS086002B, MDS086002CP, MDS086002H, MDS086003, MDS086003CP, MDS086003G, MDS086003H, MDS086003R, MDS086003W, MDS086003Y, MDS086004, MDS086004B, MDS086004CP, MDS08

    Non-Sterile Co-Flex Bandages

    MedlineModel No: MDS086001
    Stock Status: Quantity Limited

    Co-Flex Med Elastic Bandage is a self-adherent, hand tear wrap that acts as a secondary dressing without the need for clips or tape. Each bandage is individually wrapped.

    Non-Sterile Latex Co-Flex Bandages
    • Foam: No
    • Latex Free: No

    Starting at: $39.25

  6. Non-Sterile, Latex-Free, Co-Flex, Bandages, Medline, MDS088002CP, MDS088002KP, MDS088002RB, MDS088002SC, MDS088003B, MDS088003G, MDS088003KP, MDS088003NG, MDS088003PU, MDS088003W, MDS088004B, MDS088004G, MDS088004R, MDS088004W, MDS088015, MDS088015CP

    Latex-Free Co-Flex Bandages

    MedlineModel No: MDS088002CP
    Stock Status: Quantity Limited

    This is a self-adherent, latex-free hand-tear compression wrap is ideal as a secondary dressing without the need for clips or tape.

    Non-Sterile Latex-Free Co-Flex Bandages
    • Hand tear: Yes
    • Length: 5yd

    Starting at: $59.75

  7. Sterile, Latex-Free, Co-Flex, AFD, Bandages, Medline, DYNJ089202, DYNJ089204

    Sterile Latex-Free Co-Flex AFD Bandages

    MedlineModel No: DYNJ089202
    Stock Status: Quantity Limited

    Sterile Latex-Free Co-Flex AFD Bandages is an all-in-one dressing / cohesive bandage with a soft and comfortable CoFlex LF2 base.

    • Latex Free: Yes
    • Sterile: Yes

    Starting at: $94.75

7 Item(s)

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